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Our current subscription options are focused on contract negotiation and drafting, but we can craft a custom plan for you if additional services are needed in your subscription.

Consider your business’s size, annual revenue, and the level of legal support required to determine the most fitting subscription tier. If you have questions or need assistance in choosing the right tier for your unique needs, our team is here to help guide you through the decision-making process.

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If you don’t see a subscription option that works for you, either check out the Individual Services Prices below, or reach out and we can craft a custom plan for your needs!

Scroll down to the bottom of this page for a complete description of the services described in each subscription tier below

LegalNow Consult

Tailored for Businesses that need an attorney by their side for day to day legal advice + some added bonuses
$ 299
per month
  • Unlimited Legal Consultations via Email
  • 1 Customized Contract Template (eligible after month 2)
  • Annual LegalReady Analysis
  • 10% Discount on Individual Services

LegalNow Essentials

Tailored for Businesses that are growing and need legal counsel for day to day advice plus assistance with contract negotiations, debt collection, protection of IP and more.
$ 999
per month
  • Unlimited Consultations via Email and Phone
  • 1 Contract Negotiation / Review per month
  • 2 Custom Contract Templates Per Year (no more than one in a single month)
  • 1 Debt Collection Letter Per Quarter
  • 2 Trademark Registrations Per Year (Excludes Government Fees)
  • Interview In-House Legal Candidates
  • Management of Outside Counsel for Specialized Assistance
  • Annual LegalReady Analysis
  • 15% Discount On Individual Services

LegalNow Negotiate

Tailored for Businesses that need help only with contract negotiation and review - Custom Pricing Available If less or more contracts per month are anticipated
$ 1,799
per month
  • Up To 4 Contract Negotiations / Reviews Per Month
  • 2 Custom Contract Templates Per Year (Starting After Month 2)
  • Custom Contract Playbook
  • 10% Discount on Individual Services

LegalNow Plus

Tailored for Businesses that Are not quite ready to start or expand their own in-house legal team, but still need legal assistance on a daily or weekly basis.
$ 2,299
per month
  • All From LegalNow Essentials
  • 2 Additional Contract Negotiations Per Month
  • 2 Additional Custom Contracts Per Year (First available after month 2)
  • 1 Additional Debt Collection Letter Per Quarter
  • 2 Additional Trademark Registrations Per Year
  • 1 Custom Legal Training for In-House Counsel or Sales Teams Per Year
  • 1 Custom Contract Playbook
  • Additional 5% Discount On Individual Services (20% Total)

LegalNow GC

Tailored for Businesses that have a significant need for legal assistance on a daily or almost daily basis. Ideal for companies that are experiencing hyper growth and with a high volume of contracts and that is looking to expand its legal team in the near future.
$ 3,499 +* per month
  • All From LegalNow Plus
  • Manage All Contract Negotiations / Reviews
  • Unlimited Custom Contract Drafting
  • 1 Debt Collection Letter Per Month
  • 4 Additional Trademark Registrations Per Year
  • 1 Additional Custom Legal Training for In-House Counsel or Sales Teams Per Year
  • Attend 1 Board Meeting or Other Executive Level Meeting to Report On Legal Topics
  • Additional 5% Discount On Individual Services (25% Total)

LegalNow Contract Essentials

$ 500 Monthly
  • 1 full contract negotiation per month
  • Unlimited consultation for contract related questions, via email
  • 1 Custom Contract Template per year (up to 10 pages)
  • 5% discount on individual services

LegalNow Contracts Plus

$ 1,500 Monthly
  • 2 Full Contract Negotiations Per Month
  • Unlimited Consultations for contract related questions, via email and phone
  • 2 Custom Contract Templates per year (up to 10 pages) - no more than one during the first month of subscription
  • 10% discount on individual services

LegalNow Contracts Premium

$ 3,500 Monthly
  • 3 Full Contract Negotations per Month
  • Unlimited Consultations For contract related questions, via email, phone, and video conference
  • 4 Custom Contract Templates per year (up to 10 pages) - 1 per quarter
  • 1 Custom Contract Playbook
  • 20% discount on individual services

Individual Services Pricing

Not ready to subscribe? We offer all services available in our subscription packages and more on an a-la-carte basis. Don't see what you need? Reach out for a free consultation and we will see what we can do to help.

Detailed Service Descriptions

Below is a detailed description of the services described in our subscription plans. Please see your engagement letter for specific services purchased.

Legal Consultations

All subscription tiers includes unlimited legal consultations for issues directly related to your business. Consultations must be submitted via email or telephone (depending on tier), and we will respond promptly with a brief analysis of the issue described and recommendations for actions.

Customized NDA Template

We will provide you with one customized Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) template tailored to your business. This essential document safeguards your confidential information when engaging with vendors, customers, and other third parties.

LegalReady Analysis

Our LegalReady Analysis covers various legal aspects, including corporate structure, formation documents, contract templates, intellectual property, employment practices, privacy and security, and insurance coverage. You'll receive a detailed analysis report with recommendations for improvement. Please note that implementation of recommendations is excluded from the scope of service but may be available as Individual Services for additional fees.

Contract Negotation / Review

We will review and provide a risk analysis or negotiate up to the number of contracts included in your subscription on your behalf per month during the subscription period. Negotiation includes reviewing and negotiating with a counterparty through completion. Review with risk analysis includes a review of the contract and a report showing the main risks and recommended revisions.

Custom Contract Drafting

We will draft a customer agreement for your business. Examples of contracts are non-disclosure agreements, data protection agreements, master services agreement, software licensing agreements, cloud services agreements, etc.

Debt Collection Letter

Drafting and deliver of collection letters on your company’s behalf. This service includes an analysis of the underlying facts of the debt collection claim and recommendations as to the likelihood of success. Please note that initiation of a formal claim is outside the scope of our representation

Trademark Registration

We will analyze and submit for registration up trademarks on your behalf. This service includes a search of the trademark database and other sources, initial analysis, recommendation as to the likelihood of success, and response to any follow-up requests from the United States Patent and Trademark Office. We cannot guarantee that registration will be accepted, but we will respond to any follow up inquiries from the government.

Interview In-House Legal Candidates

If you decide to hire in-house legal resources (i.e., legal counsel, general counsel, contracts managers, etc.), we will participate in the interviewing process at your request. All interviews will be virtual unless in-person interview is requested (subject to reimbursement of travel expenses outside of our normal location).

Management of Outside Counsel

In most cases, we will be able to provide the services that your business needs. However, in some cases, you may need assistance from specialists, such as in the case of litigation, patent registrations, and other specialized matters. In those situations, we will assist you in searching for and managing an outside firm that can provide those specialized services.

Custom Legal Training For Staff

We will work with you to develop a custom legal training for your staff. Normally, this would be a training for your in-house legal team, if you have any. Another popular training is for the sales and / or marketing teams. The content will be personalized for your business’s specific needs and can cover a wide or narrow range of legal topics. Training will be provided virtually, unless agreed to otherwise. For in-person training outside of our normal location, you will be required to reimburse our reasonable travel expenses.

Custom Contract Playbook

We will provide you with a custom contract playbook for your business and / or in-house legal team if you have one. The contract playbook will include the standard clauses from up the number of templates included in your subscription tier, alternative clauses, and a description of important clauses.

Board Meeting Attendance

We will attend board meetings to report to your board of directors regarding the legal status of the company and other legal topics that are on the agenda. If you do not have board meetings, we can attend other executive level or other similar meetings at your direction.